Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Fro-Yo at Cali Yogurt

I used to be Miss Pixies!
It may be January in D.C., but the taste for frozen tangy yogurt never leaves me. How else can I keep my heard so hard and cold ?
When I saw the signs for Cali Yogurt (2473 18th St NW near Columbia) to replace the old Miss Pixies space in Adams Morgan (the new space is very fab, by the way), I was skeptical. Is the fro-yo market going to be saturated within of year or so of its beginnings, and fall prey to one of those unnecessary trends that trickle down to our beloved city? First there was TangySweet, then Mr. Yogato, now Cali. I was worried, until I tasted the sweet, sweet deliciousness of Cali Yogurt. They have a different flavor special every week along with the standard original and green tea - Mango (yum!) , Peach (yum!), and Raspberry (haven't tried , but I am sure also yum!). Love the toppings - a pretty and clean array of fruits and candies. And they also offer a really pretty assortment of desserts, loose teas (must try, although who wants warm tea in the winter?crazy!), and cyber-looking tea presses. And the retro vibe of the furniture reminds me of the fun vintage furniture at Miss Pixies. In my head, I am going to call it a homage and I won't resent "Cali" for not being "DeeCee." Also, the cost at $6 for a cup with three toppings is not so spiffy. But the large size is a value if you want to split amongst friends.
Suggested: green tea and peach swirl with pomegranate, mango, kiwi. Also suggested: Emily had the green tea with peanut butter chips and fruit.

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