Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Movies for Lovers

I recently saw My Cousin Vinny for the first time. Whoa! Sit down, guys. We have to talk about Marisa Tomei.

I know this pic is kind of questionable because you can't see her entire outfit, but you really don't need to. Generally, I am not a big fan of sheer/mesh stuff - but we've seen it done right, and this is one of those instances where it succeeds with flying colors. And what colors, indeed - it's the face-punch royal blue of this dress that makes it a Listopad fave. Add a couple of chunky silver chain-link bracelets and you have an ensemble fit for da club or da courtroom.

I imagine that in this still, Marisa is like, "Psst. My dress has geometric cutouts from neck to bellybutton, exposing skin in a characteristically artistic early-nineties way. In addition, my sunglasses and leather jackets are a testament the continuing influence of Blade Runner and my camera is large, pink, and analog. It's true - you're not worthy."

This picture exemplifies the accessorizing flair that made me bust a nut on a cloud and shout out loud. Can you spot it? Ok, that might be a trick question because it's technically not an accessory - it's the slim, bright blond streak above her left ear. Were the My Cousin Vinny costume designers madcap geniuses, or was this a trend at the time? If it wasn't before the movie, did it inspire legions of imitators? I am seriously going out to buy bleach, like, tomorrow. It's so Stacy London!

(Big fucking ups to flickr user hypostylin for having all the pictures necessary to make this post a visually informative one.)


woodley park-zoo said...

I bet I watched the same broadcast of it as you, DC Comcast? And it too was my first time. I'd recently got wind that Ms. Tomei received an Academy Award in her lifetime and it was hard for me to imagine what kind of role would get her one, as I imagined her a simply cute but not deep kind of actress. Well, her speeches on cars and general straight up attitude got me good, but the CLOTHES, the style... definitely added the movie into my memory bank of influences! I think craziest moment for me was that full floral bodysuit!

etoilee8 said...

Very recently, someone I know of was talking about having a crush on Marissa Tomei circa her My Cousin Vinny days. Did you see her inaugural ball gown? AMAZING.

Emily said...

The floral bodysuit was wildly fantastic! I have not seen her inaugural gown but I bet it ruled. I love this sassy lady.