Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michelle is so magical.

Not because she wore a white Jason Wu dress to the balls last night, using the bridal connotations of the color to signify her commitment to her husband and to the nation.

Not because she did the signature Michelle - Malia - Sasha hat trick, using paler shades of the red - yellow - blue triumvirate to cohere their outfits.

Not because her choice of fashion designers for the crucial events of Obama's campaign and presidency have been consistently innovative, beautiful, and, most importantly, designed by American immigrants: Thailand-born Thakoon Panichgul, Taiwanese Jason Wu, and Cuban expat Isabel Toledo. See a pattern? A dress pattern, if you will? Michelle seems to be emphasizing that most ancient point of American pride: immigrants are literally the fabric of our nation! Barack's dad was an immigrant! My great-grandfather was an immigrant! William Penn! The pilgrims! Neil Young! (He's Canadian!) Michelle is giving a shout-out to this fact through her outfits, guys. We should all strive to be so meta.

But no: I really think she is magical because was sporting this rock:

And because her husband is really cool.


etoilee8 said...

I love this blog post! Where did you get that picture of Obama. That is magical!

Emily said...

OMG! Glad you liked it! I found it on like, Huffington Post or something... it's pretty old, too, a few months I think. <3 him!!!