Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spring Shapes

These are the looks I am inspired by this season as I mosey along on the vintage trail...

(pics via Style.Com)

Jason Wu, designer du jour: the feminine pleated layers add to the imagination, while maintaining coverage.

Rachel Comey, Listopad fave: long highwaisted shorts are the new leggings. Love it!
Peter Jensen: love the subtle volume, like those bubble skirts of yester-season, yet simpler, better.

Karen Walker: Australian preppy gone good.

Peter Jensen: love the lines on the coat and the wide-leg trousers, hitting just above the ankle.

Sophia Kokosalaki: Egypt meets Art Nouveau.


Sarita said...

oh i love it! a little sixties and seventies with a touch of eighties. SO FUN!!!

pigeon.toed said...

rachel comey never fails to make me giddy and excited!

Cath said...

So freaking fun! AND the best thing is, these outfits are so vintage influenced that you could do them at a fraction of the cost of. So. Excited. For. Spring.