Tuesday, February 24, 2009

LL Cool Beth

Beth Ditto is from Arkansas, bitches!

Seriouly, she is. She mentions it interviews all the time.

Now she poses naked for Love, gives mind-boggling live performances with the Gossip, and gets Alexander McQueen dresses made in her size. (See below.)

Fuck yeah.

I saw the Gossip in Philadelphia when I was in college. If I remember correctly, they were opening for Har Mar Superstar. It was a really fun show and Beth was super-nice. I'm pretty sure she took her shirt off then, too.

Gahhh! She is on some Bjork-level shit here. Her topknot and lack of eyebrows is not for the timid, but I think she looks really fly. Gold platforms and man-as-accessory helps.

That's Not What I Heard was seriously my fave when I was 18. I have not been keeping up with the Gossip much since then, but apparently they got a new drummer when the original one left the band to be a midwife (aw!) and they are crazy famous in England.

Look at how badassedly she uses color! Be unafraid, woman!

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sarah said...

i've enjoyed your blog for a while, but today i *love* it! thanks so much for singing the praises of beth ditto. you have no idea how encouraging it is for fat women (like me) to see another stylish fat woman (like beth) on a non-fat-specific blog. thank you!