Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sheer Synergy

On a frosty day a few weekends back, I stopped at Junction and bought the loveliest pair of nearly-iridescent dove-gray L'eggs Sheer Energy gloves for a mere ten dollars. What a life-changing find! They were warm without being bulky; finger-hugging enough to keep them on while I smoked cigarettes and insulating on the chilliest of days. You can imagine my dismay, then, when a recent bike trip began with both gloves stuffed into my coat pocket and ended with one lonesome Sheer Energy glove crying over the loss of its twin. (Actually, that was me.) RIP, other glove. Your loss is deeply felt, especially since I've had to return to my previous glove set up, which was a combination of three shitty knit gloves (one pair is fingerless) in mismatched colors. Fie.

In an effort to regain the feelings of invincibility that these gloves afforded me (I hear PCP works for this also) I have been trolling eBay in search of a replacement pair. As we all know, trolling eBay often becomes an exercise in finding shit you were not looking for. Like these 70s and 80s pantyhose ads!

(Via Kim's Vintage Ads.)

As usual, my loss is Listopad's gain.

(Via veritas104.)

(Via Vintage Press.)

(Via veritas104.)

Top serious question: is L'eggs selling stockings or hallucinogens? The trails, halos, and Yellow Submarine-esque illustrations are making me think I've entered "Go Ask Alice" territory. These subliminal messages have made me all the more determined to find my gloves, damn it!

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