Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fashion Week Report

I've seen toned-down looks across many runways in New York this week. There's not much over-reaching, and many houses are avoiding risk. But the last thing I want to see right now-- in this climate, both atmospherically and economically-- is hopelessness. I'm looking for more look packed into streamlined shapes. And some designers have delivered.

My pick for the week thus far is Mara Hoffman, whose slim, body-covering shapes are popping with elaborate, head-to-toe detail.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have some houses simply going bare. I've seen many head-to-toe neutrals on slim shapes. This, too, is bold, though in a different way. It's relatively easy to look good in two or three colors, but one solid shade? A little harder. I think Derek Lam and Calvin Klein menswear, below, do it well.


Emily said...

The first pair of leggings is most dope. Slightly Navajo in vibe. Pair them with gray heels and who cares wtf else you have on?

Emily said...

Also I have a vintage version of that gray sweater. It looks a little different on me.

Emily said...

O and yeah... the fact that sweater and trousers are the exact same color and yet we don't notice this right away is a feat of textural dexterity. (Texterity? Texurity?)