Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The New Ethics

I know we're all tired of "green" and "ethical" and "organic" clothing gimmicks trying to sell you a screenprinted t-shirt with skulls on it (boring....), but Listopad has always been a staunch supporter of the right goods made the right way.

The more this fad seeps into the collective conciousness, the more great products will eventually emerge to combine superior labor standards, ecological materials and fabolous design. Here are some of our recent picks:

Hand-made vegan moccasins from the BK? Yes please!

English knits are still relevant during the impending spring...

Fair-Trade African-print flats are a must


Cath said...

Fair trade is totally going by the way of recycled -- better by the minute!

Emily said...

That sweater will look amazing over a teeny little dress and nerdy shoes. LOVE DOUBLE BREASTED SWEATERS!

Ylla said...