Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I knew I loved you for a reason

Do you guys remember the old Convention Center logo? You can still spot it the surrounding neighborhood on the signs they've forgotten to tear down. (There's one around M St. and New York Ave that I always pass when I'm on the bus.) It was conceived by Lance Wyman, a legendary designer who's been creating neat, eloquent, graphic confections that form a beautifully cohesive body of work while quietly informing our everyday lives with priceless beauty.

(via Ester Knows.)

I can't help but postulate that our favorite mysterious conglomerate took a page from Wyman's book in designing their own logos - most likely owing to the clever, simple, and vaguely retro quality of his work. This is really well exemplified in his agency's logo (which Wyman designed, duh).

(via XOYAZ.)

There's this badassery as well:

(via creativebits.)

Oy! Such swimmingly kinetic use of parallel lines! Good on ya, Lance.

Here's another Wyman creation that you may have seen before:

I know! Jaw on floor, right?!?!


Ylla said...

the word "wingdings" springs to mind...

Summer Bleeding said...

Milton Glaser, step your game up.