Monday, February 9, 2009

Get To It

We have a bottom-heavy Get To It this week, my pretties. In other words, spend Monday through Wednesday catching up your beauty sleep and making cheddar chipotle scones. You heard me!

(via Mattjtay.)

Thursday, you have multiple option for throwing your second date a curveball: Big Gold Belt waxes electronic at the Black Cat with (The Sounds of) Kaleidescope and The Tennis System. Or you could not miss SAAM's final screening of Art in the Twenty-First Century - this week's series features Listopad beloveds Kara Walker and Kiki Smith.

Friday through Sunday, the National Geographic All Roads Film Festival hosts "Global Glimpses," a screening of the five films nominated for the 2008 Foreign Language Oscar. Some of the screenings are buffered by receptions (food!) and if you enter the code "GLOBAL" when ordering tickets on NG's website, you can see all five films for twenty-five bucks. Bam! What, that's not enough for you? Fine! The National Gallery of Art hosts Les Lutins du Court-M├ętrage: New Shorts from France on Friday. Now get out of my face!

Just kidding. Stay. Please? We have saved the best for last. Future Times is sticking it to the man by throwing a big, orgiastic dance party on Saturday that promises to be ten times more wacky, synthy, and sleazy than the last. Ron Morelli comes from NYC to scare small children and make your hair stand on end and newly minted Protect U holds your hand as you move forward and backward in time. Hallmark cards need not apply!

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